Roof Installation

Roof Installation

Roofing Company Fresno tries to make life easier for customers and provides a wide range of services of roof installation eliminating the need to look for individual specialists to perform different types of work. In Roofing Company Fresno, you will be able to order several services at the same time, which will be performed on a professional level and in strict time, which will save you not only money but also time.

Our roofing specialists  use modern professional tools, with the help of which they quickly and efficiently cope with the installation of the roofs. You can trust us to install the roof and be sure of its strength and stability. We take a responsible approach to the fulfillment of orders of roof installation and take into account all the wishes of the customer.

We are a specialized team in the installation and repair of roofs of various types of materials, but, in addition, we also perform a number of related works, for example, the installation of a rafter system and roof insulation. The long experience of our roofers and their high qualification makes the company one of the best in  Fresno territory. By contacting our company for help, you can once and forever solve all problems with the roof of your facility. 

Roof Installation fresno
roof installation step-by-step

Roof Installation step-by-step

Roof Installation is a difficult and laborious process. If the roof is incorrectly installed or repaired, the house will not retain heat in its walls. In addition, leaks can form, which will lead to a loss of tightness of the structure and ultimately to mechanical destruction of various building elements.

In order not to leave such an important process as the performance of roofing work exclusively at the discretion of the master, it is useful to be informed what stages it consists of and what is characteristic of each stage.

All stages of roofing work contribute to the reliability and strength of the roof, so you should not neglect any of them, observing their sequence and approaching their implementation extremely responsibly..

Roof installation step-by-step:

  • Preparatory work– It is important to create a roofing project, and then make an estimate of the details for the roof work. Remember that the roof is not just a coating. In addition to it, the estimate will include components of the supporting structure and the drainage system, insulation and vapor barrier. After that, you can proceed with the installation.
  • Installation of the frame structure– Every roof requires a reliable frame on which the covering will be installed. When installing the supporting structure, it is important to ensure its strength and resistance to external influences.
  • Drip edge Installation– When planning roofing operations, the installation of the drip edge cannot be ignored, because its absence significantly reduces the life of the roof. Modern drip edge systems successfully fit into any project and can become an additional element of the external decor of the building.
  • Biological and fire protection-If the frame is made of wood, it must be impregnated with protective compositions that will prevent fire, rotting, parasites and mold.
  • Vapor barrier and insulation– According to the law of physics, warm air rises up, and cold air rushes down. The roof should protect the house as much as possible from heat leakage and cold penetration. To do this, insulation is required in the structure. Vapor barrier allows you to keep the necessary humidity in the house.
  • Roofing Underlayment Installation– The underlayment is a material placed between the wood frame and the roofing materials.
  • Installation of the roof with your chosen material.
  • Finishing pediment and cornices-Roof pediment is finished with siding or bricks. The cornices themselves can be completed with wood or siding. These important roofing elements can give a completely different look to the house.

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