Roof Damage Repair

Roof Damage Repair

Humidity and atmospheric factors are the main causes of premature aging of house structures. From these influences, the destruction of stone and concrete parts, metal corrosion and decay of wooden structures occur.

In order to avoid complex and expensive work on replacing defective parts of the house, it is necessary to carry out preventive work in repairing timely and regularly. By contacting us you can get the fastest and reliable repair service.

Among the damages to the roof of the house, there are not only chips and cracks in the roofing material. There is a wide variety of roof damages, and our roofing specialist will always be able to determine the cause of the damage.

Causes of damages to the roof:

  • Damage to the roof surface– A common reason for such a situation is the wrong selection of roofing and insulating materials. If you make mistakes in the choice of material for the roof, for example, after the first winter, the roof starts to leak.
  • Point cracks in the roof– Holes, cuts and cracks, located separately, are formed due to violations of transportation and laying technology. That is why our staff do their work very carefully.
  • Peeling of roofing material- A problem typical for flat roofs, especially soft roofs. The reason is a violation of the technology of installation the roofing material.
  • Bulging of the roofing materialWith poor contact and waterproofing, moisture enters between the layers, which, when heated, condenses, forming steam. Result: bulging on the roofing material.
  •  Wear of roofing material – The material has a long service life, but a person is able to bring wear closer by improperly using the roof. For example, most types of soft roof do not take point load (walking on the roof) and are not adapted to such strength tests.
  • Physical impact on the roofing material – This category includes the fall of heavy objects on the roof of the house (large hail, wood).
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Roof Repair Basics

It is better to repair the roof in the warm season. For the repairing of the roof, the same materials are used as in its installation, but sometimes other materials are also used. Each of them must be inspected and sorted.

Defective roofing material cannot be used. It can only be used to cover specific areas. In this case, it is cut into pieces of the desired size removing the defective parts.

In the roof of any material, downhills become damaged most quickly, because the moisture is retained on them for the longest time. Therefore, the slopes must be covered and repaired with special care. It is desirable to put additional material under them before covering. For this purpose, roll materials are most often used.

In winter, it is necessary to remove snow from the roof with a scraper.

In summer, the roof must be swept annually with a soft broom, removing dust and dirt, which keep the moisture, that accelerates the wear of the roof.

Lichens often appear on the northern slopes of the roof, reducing the durability of the roof. They should be completely removed with any sharp object or steel brush.

During roofing installation, carefulness and measures must be taken to ensure the safety of workers. Roofing work is very dangerous.

Damage should be removed from the attic. If this cannot be done, then it is obligatory to work with a safety belt and not alone, but with a partner who has to make sure the strap is attached to the ridge of the house.

The asbestos-cement roof serves for a long time without repair. If necessary, only broken sheets are replaced. They must be removed carefully so as not to damage the neighboring ones.

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