Roof types

When building  a new house or changing  the  existing one sometimes  it is difficult to decide what type  of  roof to choose.  Now there are variety of roof  types, and that fact makes  difficult to find  the right choice. First of all, roof  serves  for  the  purpose  of protecting  the house, some  roof  types  provide  an additional living space, make  your  home weather-proof, more  elastic and energy efficient. That’s why it is  important  to choose  the best roof shape for your  house, place of business, or a garage.

In this  topic  we’ll discuss roof types, their pros & cons.

  1. Peaked roof.  These types of roofs are very popular in the US and are known as gable or pitched roofs. They have triangular shape. Because of their simple design these roofs are easy to build, they are cheaper as compared with the other complex designs. This type of roofs  are  not  recommended  for  stormy and high wind areas. Gabled roofs  can be several types: Side gable, crossed gable, front gable, Dutch gable roof. The  last one  is a hybrid type of hip and gable roofs. 
  1. Hip roof. Hip roof has inclines on each four sides. The  sides come together an the top and have equal length. They are  more  stable as compared  with gable roofs. Hip roof  are excellent choice  for snowy and  high wind areas and in addition to all these can also offer additional living space. As the design of such roofs is more complex and requires more building material, they are expensive than a gabled roofs. It should be noted  that this kind of roof doesn’t provide ventilation.

Types of hip roofs are: Simple hip, cross hipped, half hipped. 

  1. Mansard roof. A mansard roof is a French design, has four sides with a double slope on each side which are meeting and form a low-pitched roof. Mansard roofs allows more rooms on the inside creating an extra living space, which are very popular and called a garret. Such kind of roofs are excellent choice for people who are planning to make future home additions. However, mansard roofs are not recommended for those areas receiving heavy snowfall. 
  1. Butterfly roof. Butterfly roof is a very modern design, provides a lot of light and ventilation. Such roof has a  V-shape and constructed of two tandem pieces  angling up on the outside. It should be noted  that the open design of butterfly roof can make it difficult to regulate the temperature throughout the home. For that reason some areas may be much warmer than others. Butterfly roofs are common for tropical home designs. 
  1. Pyramid roof. Such roof looks like a pyramid, has four sides and all four sides come to a point at the top of the roof. They are a popular choice for a garage, cottages, shed, as they are commonly used for smaller buildings. Pyramid roofs are excellent choice for high-wind  and stormy areas as they  are extremely resistant to strong winds. However, pyramid roofs are more expensive due to the complexity of the design.
  1. Gambrel roof. Such roof looks like a mansard roof. The only difference is that mansard roof has four sides while gambrel roof has two sides.

As gambrel roofs have been widely used on barns they are also called as barn roofs. Gambrels are more common on Dutch Colonial and Georgian style homes. It should be pointed that such roof types provide extra living space for attic and simple to frame out. Because of simple construction gambrel roofs cost cheaper as compared with the other types of roofs. Another plus of this roof is that their shape allows to provide more storage without taking up more space.

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