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Roofing Company Fresno, located in 58 E Holland Ave, Fresno, California, is an industry-leading roofing service provider. We provide professional roofing services not only in Fresno but also in Clovis, Coalinga, Fowler, Mendota, Firebaugh, Kerman, Kingsburg, Sanger and Selma. The company knows how important it is to feel safe in your home because home is where you rest, relax and feel protected from the outside world.

Roofing is a complex and laborious process. If the roof is incorrectly installed or repaired, the house will not retain heat in its walls. In addition, leaks can form, which will lead to a loss of tightness of the structure and ultimately to mechanical destruction of various building elements. You can avoid this by contacting our competent specialists.

Enjoy any weather change with safe roofs, without unpleasant surprises. The main services of Roofing Fresno CA construction company are:

  • Roof installation,
  • Roof damage repair,
  • Roof frame design,
  • Roof layer fixing,
  • Roof flashing,
  • Roof siding install.

We provide services for private houses, apartments, commercial areas and any kind of buildings. The materials are chosen according to the requirement of the customer. Our professional team is ready to tackle any complexity related to the roofing tasks even waterproofing, drip removal, thermal insulation, dismantling of the old roof and replacement. The company guarantees the reliability and durability of its work.

In our office you can discuss the project of a house, organize a visit of a specialist to your place, get professional advice on the choice of roofing materials, find out special conditions and the best cost of the roof for your facility, sign a contract and agree on a date for the delivery of materials, get a guarantee for the selected materials and high-quality service, pay for your order.

The price for roofing works will depend on the geometric parameters of the roof, the technologies and used materials. First, a list of necessary work is drawn up, then the cost of the roof per square meter is calculated.


  • You call us or leave a request on the site.
  • We come for free measurements in your place.
  • We calculate all the necessary materials and a list of installation work.
  • We coordinate with the customer the quality and quantity of materials and types of roofing work, conclude an agreement.
  • We supply all the necessary materials to your place.
  • We proceed to the installation work.

  • Acceptance of completed works.

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Our Roofing History

When and how it started

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The history of your roof is our work qualification.

Back in 2007, roof installation and repair specialists united into one company to provide high-quality services for this type of work in Fresno, CA. Over time, the professional roofing team expanded due to the large number of orders, which required an increase in the staff.

First, we started from private houses, then our team improved and expanded its activities for apartments, commercial areas and for other buildingsā€¤ There was also a demand to expand service area outside the region to Clovis, Coalinga, Fowler, Mendota, Firebaugh, Kerman, Kingsburg, Sanger and Selma.

The team of the company is responsible for its activities and is doing its best to improve them. They take up the performance of roofing works of a high level of complexity. Our roofers install and repair roofs of various types, focusing on the requirements of the customer. Also, the use of modern roofing technology helps them quickly cope with the installation of the roofs.

Another mission of our company is to improve the quality of services at relatively low prices. We are making every effort to reach a qualitatively new level. Nothing is impossible for us.

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